Bunny Café

Ellizabeth Mortem | @elliemortem@bunny.cafe

Just an internet bunny wanderer that just opened a cafe.

@waifu you 💰

@waifu igual buena onda el pana que te ayudo con i3, sinceramente aun no termino de configurar completamente sway, pero ya hice la mayoria de configuración, con barra de tarea, extra workspaces y diciendo que ventanas salgan en flotante y así. También le puse un session manager para que quedara todo bonito todo elegante

@orekix La pregunta es ¿Eres lo suficientemente gracioso para usar wayland, o aun no eres un payaso profesional usando Linux?

@waifu @captain_arepa @orekix Instala Sway, es como i3 pero autista

Just finished setting privoxy and I'm just amazed how powerful, lightweight and easy to use it is. It has a very comprehensive documentation with instructions for the 4 major OS.

Setting up tor + i2p is only uncomment 4 lines already in the config (forward-socks) and adding a forwarding rule to where you are running your i2p server.

You can also run it on a router with OpenWRT and setting it up as a transparent proxy for your devices.

Overall I think it is the option to use if you want to surf hidden services, or obfuscate your traffic. Just remember that if you want to improve privacy, you also need to harden your browser and internet habits

@waifu It's more like, I need upstream packages grrr, also I want Nala not apt

@waifu Bumping debian buster to bullseye on my servers

@waifu @FrailLeaf I tried once and probably will need to try again, but my database is like 25 gb so its a lot of time to dump and import

@f_o_u_r_t_y Just being barely alive after i decide to update. Uploads broken, emojis broken, frontend broken, at least the backend was still federating not like last time

@FrailLeaf Its say its a timeout error, no idea how to interpret this or why it is failing on akkoma

11:57:52.399 [error] #PID<0.1811.0> running Pleroma.Web.Endpoint (connection #PID<0.1810.0>, stream id 1) terminated
Server: bunny.cafe:80 (http)
Request: GET /api/v1/timelines/home?since_id=ASCXfR9jYJ8gv1T7gm&with_muted=false&limit=20
** (exit) an exception was raised:
    ** (DBConnection.ConnectionError) tcp recv: closed (the connection was closed by the pool, possibly due to a timeout or because the pool has been terminated)
        (ecto_sql 3.9.2) lib/ecto/adapters/sql.ex:913: Ecto.Adapters.SQL.raise_sql_call_error/1
        (ecto_sql 3.9.2) lib/ecto/adapters/sql.ex:828: Ecto.Adapters.SQL.execute/6
        (ecto 3.9.4) lib/ecto/repo/queryable.ex:229: Ecto.Repo.Queryable.execute/4
        (ecto 3.9.4) lib/ecto/repo/queryable.ex:19: Ecto.Repo.Queryable.all/3
        (pleroma 3.5.0-1865-gf48068b8-froth-akkoma) lib/pleroma/web/mastodon_api/views/status_view.ex:108: Pleroma.Web.MastodonAPI.StatusView.render/2
        (phoenix_view 2.0.2) lib/phoenix_view.ex:557: Phoenix.View.render_to_iodata/3
        (phoenix 1.6.15) lib/phoenix/controller.ex:772: Phoenix.Controller.render_and_send/4
        (pleroma 3.5.0-1865-gf48068b8-froth-akkoma) lib/pleroma/web/mastodon_api/controllers/timeline_controller.ex:5: Pleroma.Web.MastodonAPI.TimelineController.action/2

11:57:52.615 [error] Postgrex.Protocol (#PID<0.1408.0>) disconnected: ** (DBConnection.ConnectionError) client #PID<0.1822.0> timed out because it queued and checked out the connection for longer than 15000ms

#PID<0.1822.0> was at location:

    (postgrex 0.16.5) lib/postgrex/protocol.ex:3171: Postgrex.Protocol.msg_recv/4
    (postgrex 0.16.5) lib/postgrex/protocol.ex:2201: Postgrex.Protocol.recv_bind/3
    (postgrex 0.16.5) lib/postgrex/protocol.ex:2056: Postgrex.Protocol.bind_execute_close/4
    (db_connection 2.4.3) lib/db_connection/holder.ex:354: DBConnection.Holder.holder_apply/4
    (db_connection 2.4.3) lib/db_connection.ex:1413: DBConnection.run_execute/5
    (db_connection 2.4.3) lib/db_connection.ex:1508: DBConnection.run/6
    (db_connection 2.4.3) lib/db_connection.ex:644: DBConnection.parsed_prepare_execute/5

@FrailLeaf @meso @sam I compiled sam's pleroma but still refuses to connect to the database, I can only say that progresql is dumb

@FrailLeaf will check it, thanks you friend.

@FrailLeaf @waifu Is this an akkoma fork? what difference have with normal akkoma?

@FrailLeaf @waifu No, simply im tired of some inconsistencies in the way pleroma is configured and the fact that after a big upgrade (bump from 2.1 to 2.5) many things broke in my instance

@waifu Akkoma doesn't like my db so refuses to boot

Pleroma is dumb

@waifu do you have an SSD or a hard drive for the system?, if it is the latter probably that's the problem. You could try xfce if you want something lighter

@waifu the left one looks sexy. Already decided what distro to install?

Long week but I defeated my nemesis xmpp servers. Now every user of my instance (only me rn) can have an account on xmpp using their id for their jabber ID.

@waifu @iwillbite yes, akarin is very cute