Bunny Café

Ellizabeth Mortem | @elliemortem@bunny.cafe

Just an internet bunny wanderer that just opened a cafe.

Today i met @waifu good pana

2024 goals, be more active on fedi. Obstacle its been almost 2 week and haven't post anything.

Sometimes I feel that nothing worth sharing happen

Doing some mods to my printer, I still need to wait for the jst conectors to wire everything

Would really like to be more active on fedi, its just i don't know what to post.

@waifu yeah camarón 🦐

Another day, another misconfiguration. Missing a character in a PTR record breaking my mail sending capabilities, more than a year with a wrong typed record. I Fucking hate google

At last it seems that my instance got de-federated cuz a random abused open registration. Silly me thinking that I could have something nice in the open internet

@psyopsu Hi, sorry for the late response, it seems that my instance was abused by someone with a lot of time. I have closed the registrations on my instance and banned the user.

Sorry for the inconvenience

@tinosoft GM, thank you friend

@waifu remember to mount and make slave correctly before chrooting, if you follow the handbook it shouldn't be too hard to finish a clean instillation, don't touch too much USE flags

To all the people who decided that it was a good idea to register in my small and laggy instance, welcome, downtime is to be expected

@waifu lamentablemente si pueden ser descritos algebraicamente, la razón de una circunferencia entre su diámetro y radio, hay números reales que
1 no tiene expresión en raíces de polinomios (algebraicos)
2 no tiene expresiones en series infinitas de algo (como por ejemplo pi que se puede calcular como el límite de alguna serie rara)
3 No son representables con palabras, por ejemplo 0,123456789101112 y concadenar todos los naturales
Pero sabemos que existen porque si no R tendría hoyos (argumento de la diagonal de cantor), esto ya que los 3 conjuntos anteriores son numerables. En conclusión, hay números que no se pueden nombrar de ninguna manera y no podemos acercarnos a su expresión de ninguna manera

@waifu I lover real numbers, please give some real numbers that can not bet represented in any algebraic way please. Thank you friend

@waifu you 💰

@waifu igual buena onda el pana que te ayudo con i3, sinceramente aun no termino de configurar completamente sway, pero ya hice la mayoria de configuración, con barra de tarea, extra workspaces y diciendo que ventanas salgan en flotante y así. También le puse un session manager para que quedara todo bonito todo elegante

@orekix La pregunta es ¿Eres lo suficientemente gracioso para usar wayland, o aun no eres un payaso profesional usando Linux?

@waifu @captain_arepa @orekix Instala Sway, es como i3 pero autista

Just finished setting privoxy and I'm just amazed how powerful, lightweight and easy to use it is. It has a very comprehensive documentation with instructions for the 4 major OS.

Setting up tor + i2p is only uncomment 4 lines already in the config (forward-socks) and adding a forwarding rule to where you are running your i2p server.

You can also run it on a router with OpenWRT and setting it up as a transparent proxy for your devices.

Overall I think it is the option to use if you want to surf hidden services, or obfuscate your traffic. Just remember that if you want to improve privacy, you also need to harden your browser and internet habits

@waifu It's more like, I need upstream packages grrr, also I want Nala not apt

@waifu Bumping debian buster to bullseye on my servers