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Remember what you must do.

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I decided to update my followers on here, I might move instances again sometime

Yeah because of the updates this site is basically dead right now. I'm only seeing like 5% of the posts I normally would

An interesting and well presented video on information warfare

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Officer of the Austro-Hungarian army, 1898.

@EdBoatConnoisseur @MechaSilvio Yeah upturned nostrils are a big giveaway

@MechaSilvio Actually a test to differentiate between Jews and Europeans would be pretty good. Hard mode adds in extra Italians

@lichelordgodfrey @rlier23 Yeah one of the biggest parts of warfare is being able to hold positions. Drones and cameras can't do that. You need competent people to actually take up that space.
Like Putin has said, the next thing they will have to plan for is the fall of the American Empire. It's just too overextended for the quality of their leadership and capabilities.
I'm no ally of Russia or China, but I hope they keep picking away at the US structure until it unravels. They already know that the majority of US citizens are either directly against the government or basically indoctrinated and mindless.


I need a goblin princess wife
sensitive media

@shitgrifter @nugger I call them "Founding Stock" and you can usually tell when somebody has genealogy that goes back to like the 1700's or not. Even just the phenotype can be enough to distinguish.

@nameredacted @JoshP Some Egyptian pharaohs were found to have nicotine and cocaine in their system, which were only available by American plants.
I believe that Mexico would have been one place of trade, based on their stories of white skinned men coming to impart blessings.

It doesn't matter how crude or low quality something you make is. If it resonates with people or if it serves a useful purpose then people will appreciate it.

@Ene It gets a bit better when you get to the wild area, but that's really the only part of the game that's fun to me and it's a small fraction of the game.